How to Identify Squirrels in Your Attic

How to Identify Squirrels in Your Attic

Squirrels in the neighborhood can be an annoyance sometimes or may cause damage to your household goods or property. The squirrels can anytime hop in your home and create a mess, damaging the household items.

If you want to identify whether you have squirrels in your attic, then we have a few tips to know about their presence. The idea is to learn about the squirrel’s presence and work on the methods to show them the exit gate.

Signs of a Squirrels’ Presence

There are many signs confirming a squirrel’s presence.

  • A scurrying, scratching, or chewing sound
  • Teeth marks on wires or wood, air vent, out panels, etc.
  • Footprints with four toes in front and five-toe marks at the back
  • Unusual presence of water damage to walls and ceilings
  • Foul odor coming from the vent
  • Ripped opened bags or splattered garbage around
  • Damage to lawn furniture
  • Squirrel droppings in your garage or attic

Steps to find Squirrel in Attic

Once you are sure that squirrels are there in the attic, you may use these methods to get rid of them.

Find the nest

Look around for their nest; it’s easy to locate as it may comprise leaves, cardboard, and some insulation, etc.

Seal the open holes in Attic

Squirrels can easily fit in and go through tiny holes. Seal all such holes in the attic using a wire or caulking.

Use a One-Way Cage Door

You can use a one-way cage with a single opening to trap squirrels. If any squirrel gets trapped, you may ensure to drop them off a long way from your home.

How to Prevent Squirrels from Returning

Your worries are not over by clearing your attic from squirrels. They can come back. To ensure they won’t return soon, take these precautionary steps.

Trim your Trees

You should trim the trees surrounding your rooflines, as squirrels can use it as a highway to come back.

Use a Dummy Owl

Squirrels get easily scared by other animals, birds, and, in particular, an Owl. So place dummy plastic owl on the wall fence or roof to keep squirrels away.


You can spray a liquid mixture of garlic, water, and vinegar around the perimeter of your home to ward off the squirrels.

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